Friday, January 6, 2017

Five Minute Friday- Connect

This week's word for Five Minute Friday is Connect and it is so appropriate! Ready...... here I go!

Since I have retired I noticed that I spend a lot of my time feeling disjointed and separated from everyone that I typically assoicate with. Even when I am visiting with my teacher friends, I somehow feel like I do not really belong there. I have also noticed that I have lost some of my connection with God. It is because of this that I selected my word for the year- CONSCIOUS.

My goal is to be to more conscious about what I spend my time on, actually being deliberate in my choices. I have set aside time each morning to connect with God through Bible reading. I am participating in a chronological read-through along with several other women on Facebook. I am reading and praying over God's word and trying to allow him to speak to me during this time.

I am also trying to be more conscious when I am with friends and family. I want to really BE PRESENT and connect with them- not just spend time with them. I want our time together to be valuable for both them and me, actually helping to strengthen our personal connections.

Lastly, I am being more conscious about my money. I am working diligently to pay down some of our debt that has accumulated over the years. I will make a little extra money each month by substitute teaching and I am setting that aside to go straight toward some of that debt. I have created a spreadsheet on the computer and I am tracking progress each month in order to help me further be conscious of my progress and to give myself some encouragement. Because I know that I also will want to spend a little, I have made a separate account for my "play" money. This is money that I started saving last year from my crochet and crafting hobby. I am adding to that whenever I make a sale, small though it may be. When the time is right, I plan to reward myself by taking some of that money and using it to redo my craft space, in the hopes that I can be more productive with my hobby and that I can reconnect with my creative side, something that has suffered in the past few years.

I hope to update everyone via this blog on a regular basis and use it to help make me accountable for my personal progress. Please come back and stay in touch. Check in to see how I am doing and give me a pat on the back or a word of chastisement, whichever might be appropriate. I would also love to hear your word for the year, if you choose to share.

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  1. Your goals for this year have challenged me today! Thank you for sharing them. I am glad I linked up after you today at Five Minute Friday!