Monday, January 9, 2017

Clearing Out

I have just begun the process of sorting through my crafting materials, in preparation for emptying out and reorganizing my craft space. We took my daughter back to college yesterday and, before she left, I asked if it would be ok for me to use her bedroom as the "parking area" for all of my stuff temporarily.

Though I am looking forward to having a finished, organized space where I can locate my materials and actually make things, I am not looking forward to the sorting/purging process. Over the years I have accumulated a LOT of stuff! At the time that I bought each item I am sure that I really felt I had a need for it, but now..... not so much.

It suddenly hit me today that our life can be the same way. We go through life and try a lot of things, accumulating habits, friends, and stuff. At the time, we felt we really needed them I am sure, but along the way we grow, mature, and goals change. Sometimes we need to stop and sort through things- getting rid of the things that no longer help us achieve the goal before us. We may really enjoy checking Facebook regularly to see what is going on in the lives of others, but if it is keeping us from spending time in God's word or with family, then we need to consider purging that habit. If we have a friend who is negative about things constantly, belittling others for their efforts, purposes it is time to consider spending less time with that person, while praying for them MORE. 

I told you in my last post that my word for the year is "conscious". I guess that I have just been becoming more conscious of what I spend my time doing. I am trying to be more deliberate with the things that I allow to fill my calendar- less time on things like television and computers and more time reading and studying the Bible, praying, and really BEING with those who matter. I think we could all benefit from that!

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