Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's Happening Wednesday

I awoke this morning to that crisp autumn feel in the air. Fall has always been my favorite season. Not sure why- It could be those spicy autumn flavors that I enjoy so much: ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin spice. It could be the beautiful tones that the hills of Kentucky take on with the season. It could be the fact that I can now feel comfortable wearing my long sleeved denim shirts and a comfy pair of sweat pants. Whatever the reason, this is MY season!

For this, my first "What's Happening Wednesday" I have a major newsflash! What could it be?

Well.... Here is hint number

Fall is my favorite season......

What? That hint isn't good enough?

Well then..... Here is hint number

Leaves change color in the fall.....

I think I can hear some of you grumbling and saying, "So what? You already told us that." 

Guess I better move on to hint number 

Leaves are NOT the only things that can change color.

Think that you have it figured out? Look below and see if you are correct.

Did you guess correctly? 

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that I really wasn't liking what I saw in the mirror. I felt that my hair was aging me a bit, so I decided to take the leap. My hairdresser and I discussed an ash blonde, but then she said, "I think you would look great in a shade of red!" She brought out the color samples and we settled on a shade. 

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments! Just click on the little pencil at the bottom of this post and drop me a line. Is it too bright? Too clownish? (Not a good thing, with all of the clowns in the news right now. LOL) Or do you think it suits me? 

Next Wednesday I should have some craft projects to share with you, but until then, I anxiously await your thoughts on my color change. 


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  2. I LOVE IT! I think it's perfect for you. A little sassy, yet not too outspoken. Lol

    1. Thanks. It is growing on me. I did realize that I was going to have to go a bit bolder with my makeup colors though. I look very pale without it.

  3. Perfect color for you... love it...

  4. I really like it! I'm contemplating my own hair change, but am thinking of waiting until spring.

    1. Thanks! I have been wavering for quite a while, but decided it was finally time.

  5. I love it and I love reading your blog.