Friday, September 30, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Collect

I have heard it said that everyone collects something. If you ask my husband, he would say that I collect craft supplies: mainly yarn and scrapbooking paper. (He would not necessarily say that I USE it.) If you ask my daughter, she would probably say that I collect owls. (Our Christmas tree is covered with them.)  If you ask my son, he probably would have very little idea what I collect.

Personally, I would like to think that I collect friends and good deeds.

I have always been one of those people who wants to go out of my way to help do things for the people I care about. Whether it is a little card, a smile, or some warm words of encouragement, I always try to do what I can to make their day go just a teeny-tiny bit better.

When I retired I knew that I would be spending some of my time crocheting and crafting in order to stay busy and to make a little money. But, I also made it my personal goal to try to use my skills just because someone needed it. Over the past year I have been keeping a record (collecting a list) to make me accountable to myself. I have made cups, sweaters, cards, and stuffed animals. Some of those have been gifted to people I know and care about- friends who needed a bit of encouragement. Some of those have been donated to organizations who used them as door prizes or give-aways.

I have really enjoyed seeing the smile on someone's face as I give them something they had no idea they would be receiving- a little something to just say, "I am thinking of you. Someone cares." I suppose that I have also been collecting those smiles.  When I have a bad day and things aren't going well, or when I am working on a project and things just don't seem to be turning out right I remember those smiles- those friends along the way that I was able to uplift, if only for a few moments.

Colossians 3:17 says

With each smile, friend, and good deed that I am able to collect along my way, I whisper a quiet "Thank you Lord, for bringing this opportunity into my life and allowing me to live this moment."

What about you? What do you collect? I would love to hear from you. Drop me a quick comment below.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's Happening Wednesday

I awoke this morning to that crisp autumn feel in the air. Fall has always been my favorite season. Not sure why- It could be those spicy autumn flavors that I enjoy so much: ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin spice. It could be the beautiful tones that the hills of Kentucky take on with the season. It could be the fact that I can now feel comfortable wearing my long sleeved denim shirts and a comfy pair of sweat pants. Whatever the reason, this is MY season!

For this, my first "What's Happening Wednesday" I have a major newsflash! What could it be?

Well.... Here is hint number

Fall is my favorite season......

What? That hint isn't good enough?

Well then..... Here is hint number

Leaves change color in the fall.....

I think I can hear some of you grumbling and saying, "So what? You already told us that." 

Guess I better move on to hint number 

Leaves are NOT the only things that can change color.

Think that you have it figured out? Look below and see if you are correct.

Did you guess correctly? 

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that I really wasn't liking what I saw in the mirror. I felt that my hair was aging me a bit, so I decided to take the leap. My hairdresser and I discussed an ash blonde, but then she said, "I think you would look great in a shade of red!" She brought out the color samples and we settled on a shade. 

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments! Just click on the little pencil at the bottom of this post and drop me a line. Is it too bright? Too clownish? (Not a good thing, with all of the clowns in the news right now. LOL) Or do you think it suits me? 

Next Wednesday I should have some craft projects to share with you, but until then, I anxiously await your thoughts on my color change. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

New Stage of Life- New Version of Blog

88 days ago I officially retired. I packed my things at school, organized what I was leaving behind, said my tearful goodbyes, and walked out the door. I was not really sure what loomed ahead of me. Some who had taken the plunge before me said that I would love it, others were doubtful and said that I would miss it.

Over the past eighty eight days I must confess that I have felt a range of emotions. In the last weeks of July, as my fellow teachers posted about trainings and meetings that they were attending, I was actually surprised that I felt a tinge of regret at not being there with them. On the first day of school I had to share in the excitement, so I prepared goodie bags for the middle school team of which I had been a member. I suppose it was my way of saying, "I am really still there." As September brought on the changing of leaves here in eastern Kentucky it brought with it the yearly school fair, which most of us teachers secretly dreaded. I actually found myself missing the excitement and hubbub.

Everywhere I go these days I get the same question, "So, how is retirement?" I don't really have a standard answer. Some days I have been joyful that I didn't have to attend those long meetings after an already long day of teaching. Others, I secretly long for the thrill of having a student's eyes suddenly light up as they "get it."

I have been filling my days with crocheting- orders placed by friends and customers who saw something on Pinterest and now know that I have time to fill those orders. It has kept me busy, but I long for a more personal connection- that inner knowledge that someone, somewhere wants to communicate with me and see what I have to say. Because of that, I thought it was time to overhaul my blog. I now have the time to post more regularly; I just need to get myself into a flow with it. I would also like to widen my audience and include more "me".

I would like to post at least 3 days a week. Monday will be "Message Monday" where I will share a post about God, my faith, and whatever lesson God is giving me. Wednesday will be "What's Happening". On that day I plan to share whatever project I am currently working on. Fridays I will be participating in the Five Minute Friday posts that are shared each week by Kate Motaung.

That is the plan- now I need some followers to help make me accountable. I would love for you to sign up to get my updates as I post each week. I would also love for you to drop a comment and let me know that you are out there, reading my blog and relating to what I say. Look at the top right of this page and you will see a little blue button that allows you to follow me. That makes it easy for you to get the updates as I post. Please consider coming along for the ride on "My Life's Merry-Go-Round."