Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Women Live Better

Hallelujah! Winter is over!...... At least it is according to the calendar. I know that the weatherman has already uttered the dreaded 4 letter "s" word in the forecast for next week, but I am choosing to stay positive. The calendar says spring, so I am embracing it.

All of the cold temperatures, snow, ice, and our visitor "The Polar Vortex" have all combined to put me in a fairly decent sized winter funk. I decided that the beginning of the new season would be the perfect time to pick up a book from my bookshelf and jump into a new study.

In December I made a list for my sweet hubby of the new books that I had been hearing discussed online and requested one or two of them as part of my Christmas gift. Always going overboard, he had purchased all 4 that were on the list. Among them was THIS book by Valorie Burton.

I think it will be the PERFECT thing to "defunk" me.

I would love for you to join me. Each week I will read about one of the "triggers" and post my reflections on it. (There are 13 Triggers.) You can purchase a copy of the book, if you like, or you can just read my blog entries and join in on discussion by leaving comments.

The book focuses on two things really: determining what things trigger your own personal happiness and finding out which triggers you can use to help you be MORE happy.

The first step in the whole process is to take an online quiz to determine what triggers most affect your happiness. You can find the quiz at this website:

According to the quiz, my "personal triggers" are connection, service, and gratitude. These are the triggers that I most often use to create my own happiness and the ones that come easiest for me.

My "power triggers" were winning words, smiles, and relaxation. These are the triggers that I need to make a greater effort to activate and use.

I would love for you to take the quiz and join in this discussion about women and happiness. Take the quiz and post a comment telling me what your triggers are. Maybe we can all get happy together!

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  1. Around the corner joys: Mom's cornbread, looking at the moon, Bible Club, eating at Hometown, watching UK and Louisville game,
    reading, looking out the window at church...down the road joys: going on vacation with Tucker, UMW events, Homesong II, going to Bowlingtown,....thank God for the joys.