Friday, January 31, 2014

Back to School...... At least Temporarily

It had to happen, sooner or later.

After weeks of snow and cold here in good old eastern KY, we are finally getting back in school. It is hard to believe that this will make only 5 days that we have been in school during the month of January.

The sad thing is...................

I am not really sure that I WANT to go back.

As I get older and closer to retirement, I find myself getting more and more dissatisfied with the job of teaching. I got into this profession because I wanted to help children and I still do. I wanted to see the joy that comes when a student finally "gets it" and I still do. I wanted to help students realize that there was a whole other world out there where THEY could make a difference and...... I still do.

Sadly, there is so much that gets in the way of those things:



New Programming

More Paperwork

Lack of Student Motivation

Even More Paperwork

and Even More Meetings

Teaching just isn't what it used to be. THAT is why I find myself sighing a bit as I prepare to load my bags and books into the car and head back to work this morning.

I do have one consolation............

This IS Kentucky and it IS JUST THE END OF JANUARY.

THAT means............

There is sure to be another storm front bringing more snow, ice, or both our way within the next few weeks.

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