Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Heart at Rest

I am just completing my second online Bible study through Proverbs 31 ministries and I can honestly say that I am a changed woman. Had you seen me a year ago, you would have seen a woman who spent every waking moment trying to get school work done, rushed around in whatever spare time she had to keep her home clean, tried to be at every event at school and in her daughter's life, and spent sleepless nights tossing and turning and making lists. NO LONGER!

First came the Stessed-Less Living study, which helped me to see that I truly had my priorities a bit askew. I began making daily time to do Bible study, reading, and praying. I found myself leaning on God for assistance in times of need, accepting other's help with things, and taking on less responsibility.

Then came the What Happens When Women Say Yes Bible study. Through this study, I have reached an understanding that I do not have to do major feats for God every day, month, or year. I can serve him right here, at home, with my talents. I also realized that I can continue to pray to God to reveal a greater purpose, but that I must be willing to accept that purpose when it comes and make whatever sacrifice necessary. Last Sunday, that is what our minister's message regarded: being willing to give up family, friends, home, or lifestyle if called upon by God. (Isn't it amazing how God keeps sending us the same message over and over until it finally sinks in?)

For now, I continue to pray. I continue to be willing to say, "Yes" to God at any point. I have always thought that I would wait to retire when I knew that my family's financial needs can be met; now I know that I need to retire when God shows me it is the right time. HE will provide. HE will make a way for my family's needs to be met..... as long as I am about his work and doing what he asks.

I used to think that my family would live in this home forever, until some day it was passed along to my children. But lately, I have been feeling that little tugging at my heart guiding me somewhere else. When the time comes, I have no doubt that GOD will show us just the right house, in just the right city, with just the right church for my family to serve him.

At this time in my life I feel more calm, more at peace, more restful than I have in a very long time. Don't get me wrong.... I still have those occasional spurts of, "I HAVE to get this done." I still have bouts of worry over things. BUT..... these don't last for very long. With God's help, I have a new focus, a new me. I just need to remember this adage:

As long as I rest my mind on God..... on his purpose for me......... my heart will be calm!


  1. Amen! What a great post and I am praising God for your committment to your new mindset. I need to remember to rest my mind on God also. Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. This is wonderful! I am so excited to see what God is doing in you, and that you have been blessed by these studies! I am loving them too, and really really looking forward to A Confident Heart!

    Melissa S OBS Group Leader

  3. Love that graphic! And yes, it is so neat when God keeps telling us something over and over again. I know I need it often! =)