Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's a Small World......

My daughter just returned from what will definitely be one of the high points of her life.

Last Tuesday, she and several classmates, along with some dedicated teacher "managers", headed out to Destination Imagination Global Finals. DI, as the insiders call it, is a competition event that encourages creative thinking and application of the problem solving process. Students from across the globe compete at local and regional levels, advancing to the global or international event that closes out the year. The global competition is held in Knoxville, Tennessee and lasts for a full week.

Kari left us on Tuesday of last week with a large dufflebag full of clothes, some snacks, a camera, several rolls of duck tape, and lots of expectation. (That is Kari in the pink and blue duck tape dress in the picture below.)

While at the event, she met students from across the globe. Her team was matched up with a "buddy team" from Shanghai, China and the other team from our school was paired with a team from South Korea. They got to eat food from other nations and learn about other cultures. More importantly, they got the opportunity to develop one-to-one relations with people from other countries.

Students came back to the little rural community we live in with a much broadened understanding of the world. They saw and heard firsthand what life was like halfway across the globe. I doubt that any of our students will ever get the opportunity to actually visit China or South Korea or any other countries that were represented at this event, but this week allowed the countries to come to them. Now, when our students sit in their English or social studies classes and discuss events that occur in these locations, they should have a more personal context to help them understand the lessons being taught.

The Earth may be 7,926.41 miles in diameter, but Destination Imagination just "shrank" the world for these students. The event itself may have lasted only one week, but the effect that the experience will have on my daughter and the other students who attended is likely to last for a lifetime!

Students pin trading- This was one of the things they enjoyed most. 

Here they re-enact one of the "challenges" they faced during one of their camp experiences. Can you tell that everyone was having FUN?

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  1. Wow! What an incredible experience for Kari and the kids from all over the world. What a great way to learn about other people and cultures. I think you're absolutely right, the experience will last a lifetime. How fun for Kari!