Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It is week four of the Stressed-Less Living Bible study.....

and I have no doubt that God INTENDED for me to be here!

The last few months of my life have been filled with a great deal of turmoil and stress. This time last year I thought I was retiring and moving on to a new job- a leadership position that had been made possible by government grant money. The papers were filed, the party was held at school, the cake was cut, my retirement plaque was displayed on the mantel, and the "spoils" from 27 years of teaching had been distributed to my worthy colleagues.

Within weeks, everything would change: no retirement, my son was enrolled at an expensive university, and we were facing large amounts of college loans.

Since then, my husband, my son, and I have fretted and worried, pinched pennies, filed countless scholarship applications and taken on any extra position at school that might provide a few more dollars. The entire time, I allowed myself to stress over it, to cry over it, and occasionally (not faithfully, I am ashamed to say) prayed over it.

I discovered the link telling about this Bible study only days before it was set to begin. I actually went to a Bible bookstore and purchased my copy of the book only one day before the first web-post. I have no doubt that God guided me to that link. He knew that I needed help; he knew that I needed to stop fighting life and its stresses and allow HIM to get involved.

The first four weeks of this study have helped to transform me. I am stressing less and praying more. I am talking more to my friends about God and my beliefs. I am spending more time in quiet deliberation, thought, and conversation with God. I realize now that he has a plan- a plan for me to retire (some day), a plan for my son to finish college, and a plan for us to find the money necessary. He may also have other plans- plans that I am not aware of yet. Those plans will only be discovered if I continue to be transformed- becoming a person who is quiet.... calm.... listening for that still small voice, God's voice, as he makes those plans apparent to me.

Dear Lord,

I am ready......

Show me your good, pleasing, and perfect will.


  1. I have no doubt He has a good and perfect plan for you and your family. Prayers!

  2. I can be very heartbreaking when God throws a monkey wrench in our plans. I think that's the amazing thing about this study is that other people feel the exact same way we do. We are not alone!! I'm glad you are getting so much out of the study. I am too. I'm learning to let go and let God take hold of the reins. It has given me so much more peace. I pray for you and your family even though I know you are in God's hands and He will guide you. Trust Him.

  3. Stella, I love how openly and honestly you wait for His direction. And, there are times (too many to count, shamefully) where I've "occasionally" prayed over a situation, too. Thank you for sharing your heart with us here.

  4. He has led us all here to this study and I thank him for that. So glad you are here. Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader)