Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

What a blessed holiday! The family and I enjoyed a wonderful sermon at church and then returned home to work together to create a delicious Easter meal. It felt so good to have my whole family here under one roof. The warm smiles, gentle laughs, and conversations shared around the table truly touched my heart and soul.

This morning we learned that my husband's oldest brother had passed away after a long battle with conditions suffered as complications from diabetes. For at least the last two years he had been in and out of hospitals, hospice, and doctors' offices. At least now we can rest in the assurance that he isn't suffering anymore.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is That What it is Going to Be Like?

Last weekend I got a little taste of what life at home without children will be like.

Glenn and Kari were gone to the state academic competition, but I had to stay here because of work. I arrived home Saturday after Kari's track meet and sat down in a silent house. It didn't take me very long to turn on the television in order to have a little bit of noise to keep me company.

Saturday night was pretty rough. It was the first time in a long time that I have been awake past midnight. I lay in bed listening to the television in order to avoid the silence of a bedroom without the gasping sound of Glenn's c-pap machine.

Sunday morning I got up and decided to spend a little time with "Lady Clairol." I decided to set the kitchen timer as a reminder of when to go rinse the coloring out and I set to cleaning. It is absolutely AMAZING what one can get done in 30 minutes!

The rest of the day I worked on paperwork for school, did a little crocheting, watched a little television, and even squeezed in a teeny, tiny nap.

As I reflect back on my 2 days alone in this house, I can say that it wasn't all bad. I knew that they would be home and with them would come the noise, the dirty clothes, dirty dishes, and LOVE. I guess that is the lesson of the weekend. Yes, the kids will go away to college, but they will come home. Yes, the kids will move out, but they will come back to visit. Yes, I WILL retire someday, but I can keep myself occupied and I can even squeeze in a little bit of that "ME" time, which has been so rare in recent years.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It is about that time.....

There are daffodils blooming, birds singing, and today we enjoyed my daughter's first outdoor track event in warm sunny weather.

In honor of the upcoming change of season, I decided to "spring clean" my blog as well and change the background and header.

I have also found myself in the process of "spring cleaning" myself. Last week I started on the Atkins Diet plan in the hopes of losing the 20 pounds that I have put back on. I have also started wondering if it is time to begin looking for a few pieces of clothing to freshen up my wardrobe.

In addition, I have been trying to take back some of the time that I have been devoting to stress and work. I have actually scrapbooked a few pages for my son's senior album. (I figure that is the least I can do, considering that he is about to complete his freshman year in college...LOL!)

I look forward to stopping to smell a few roses and spending some well-deserved time with my family.

SPRING really is wonderful, isn't it?

(Oh, I almost forgot to tell you...... the meteorologists are predicting snow for tomorrow. I guess I better not get too ready for spring, huh?)