Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kindness Continued

I haven't posted in a while because this is the month when life really gets hectic: academic tournaments almost every week, basketball tournaments, school functions. You name it- it seems to get scheduled in February!

Even with the many things that I had to get done this month I did continue to try to fit at least one act of kindness per week:

Week 4

Kari and I decided to do some Pinterest inspired cooking. We created these DELISH! Reese Peanut Butter Cup bars. I took several to school and even dropped some off at the Board of Education. (Those ladies never get visitors except those who are either picking up a paycheck or complaining about something going on in the schools.)

Week 5

While shopping at the local Save-A-Lot for groceries, Kari spotted Kraft macaroni and cheese that was shaped liked the characters from Phineas and Ferb. One of my co-workers had recently told me that this was one of her son's favorite shows, so I picked up two boxes: one for her son and one for the son of another co-worker. They smiled SO BIG when they saw them and begged to go home and have macaroni and cheese for supper.

Week 6

With Valentine's Day nearing, our school scheduled the annual "Sweethearts Dance." Contrary to what the name indicates, this dance is NOT just for couples within the student body. We have lots of kids who come solo.

While I was on early duty the day of the dance one of the high school students happened to stop by and talk with me. She really wanted to go to the dance, but her guardian had told her that she would have to find the money on her own. She really didn't think that she was going to get to attend.

I enlisted the aid of the school's Youth Service Center director in order to get money to her without her knowing where it came from. I just typed up a note saying that I had heard she wanted to attend the dance and I wanted to help her out by paying for her admission. I slipped the note (unsigned) into an envelope along with the money. The Youth Service Center director even offered to help find her something to wear.

That night I was waiting with the last of the students to board the after-school tutoring bus when the young lady came in the door for the dance. She was smiling from ear to ear and was wearing a dress beneath her tattered coat. She had carefully styled her hair and had even shined the shoes that she was wearing. My heart thrilled with happiness because I knew that I had some small part in this event.

Week 7

This one may seem kind of small and insignificant, but I figure it is an act of kindness nonetheless. One day during class I overheard one of my eighth grade students ask another, "Do you think the nurse would have any chapstick? My lips are so cracked and sore."

I happened to have 3 brand new tubes of chapstick in a desk drawer. They were part of a Christmas gift that I had gotten a while back. I reached into the desk drawer and tossed the student a tube. After he was assured that it was a brand new tube he thanked me and opened it up.

I guess this act of kindness was a wee bit selfish on my part..... I was trying to keep him in class and out of the hallway.....LOL!

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