Sunday, August 26, 2012

Settling In....

I am beginning to settle into a new routine, new roles, and my "new" life. I am still not 100 percent sure that I LIKE all of the "newness", but I guess I can accept it.

I have been going into work at 7:15 AM daily and staying until 5 or 6 PM. I am trying to stay on top of the paperwork connected with teaching, including lesson plans, creating assessments, and grading all of the student work. So far...... so good, though I am hoping that I can shorten the amount of time I spend at work and lengthen the amount of time I can spend with my family or on things that I want to do.

We got to visit Keenan at college Friday. I could tell by the smile on his face and the lilt in his voice that he is enjoying college life. I actually departed the campus that night without crying. I think I am beginning to accept the geographic distance between us, because I know that there is still a closeness in heart. He has texted a time or two, emailed, and phoned. I wasn't really sure that he would, because he is not much of a communicator.

And then there's Kari...... my "little girl", who, at the age of 15, is already taking college classes as part of her daily high school experience. I am beginning to accept the fact that maybe, just maybe, she is not so "little" anymore. The first week of College Algebra was a tearjerker....LITERALLY, for both her and for me. Since then, however, she has settled into a routine and appears to be doing quite well with the level of difficulty that she is encountering. She seems to be happy and is learning a lot. While I am definitely not ready to have both of my kids in college full-time, I am feeling more comfortable with the idea that both of my children are ready for the academic challenges they will face in connection with their college experience. Their teachers have prepared them, they have prepared themselves, and Glenn and I have been there to support them through the whole experience. Now it is our turn to stand back and watch them begin making their own decisions, experiencing their own successes, and learning from their own mistakes.

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  1. when my ds moved away to college last year he texted/called me often. it brought me great comfort. if i hadn't heard from him in a couple of days i'd text him and ask him to call me later that night - jut to let me know that everything was okay.

    that being said - this summer it has been tough having him home. :( he is now 'independent' so he thinks, and we are basically the rest stop for sleeping/refueling before he goes out with his friends' has been sad. soon he will leave again and that weepy feeling will come over me again.