Friday, August 31, 2012

One of those "Good Days"

Today has been one of those good days that I long for..... the ones that only come around once in a while. Things just seem to fall into place and even the bumps in the road are a little less rocky.

There are times in my career when I wonder if I am really getting through to my students the way I want to. I sometimes feel that maybe I have run my race and I should just go ahead and get out. Then there is a day like today. I stuck around after school today to grade some practice exercises that my students did in preparation for the upcoming EXPLORE test. At one point I was almost in tears, not from sadness, but from pure elation. I was so excited with how well some of my students did. I can't wait until Tuesday to tell some of them about their scores. It makes me remember why I went into this career in the first place.

After grading my papers, I hurried home to get supper ready for Keenan. He has a three day weekend too, so he came home for a couple of days. I can sense his enthusiasm and happiness with his experiences thus far at Bellarmine University just by looking at his face when he talks about it. This is the happiest that I can remember seeing him in a very long time. I think higher education agrees with him.

You know, I am sure that there was something, somewhere along the way today that didn't quite go right, but sitting here at this minute....... I just can't remember it. :)

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