Monday, August 13, 2012

Forward into Battle......

This morning I got up and dressed myself, preparing for the first FULL WEEK of the school year. This is usually the one that gets us teachers the most exhausted. Our bodies aren't yet into the routine of five consecutive days in action. Top that off with our first full week of lesson plans, grading papers, after school faculty meetings, and back to school paperwork and this week can really take a toll on a body.

Perhaps that is why, when I was selecting the proper attire for today, I selected a camo colored shirt.

To be fair, when I laughingly mentioned to my daughter that I was wearing camouflage as I prepared to go into the battlegrounds of the first Manic Monday of the school year, she wasted no time in telling me that it was definitely NOT camo! (Being a true fashionista, I suppose I should take her word for it.)

Whatever the case, today was not as bad as I had expected. (I knock on wood as I type that.......) The students were on task, for the most part, the paperwork seemed to flow in at a smaller trickle than it would normally, and my classes ran fairly smoothly. Perhaps, after completing twenty seven years of this I am finally getting into a routine. (One would hope so.....) OR...... Perhaps this is the calm before the storm. Either way, I'm ready. After all, I can always wash my camo "uniform" and hide it away in the closet until I face another battle...........

Uh oh...... I just remembered that tomorrow is my first day of Early Duty. Maybe I should have saved the shirt for THAT......LOL!

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